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What is the procedure to log an enhancement request to Airtable?

Cheers: Pum van der Lit

You could share your request here, but even though the devs to peruse the requests, this is primarily a community forum. I recommend reaching out to Airtable support directly (in the app: Help β†’ Contact support) to submit your requests.

Hi Justin,

Thanks, but the **Help β†’ Contact support, only delivers me a bot-conversation and not a supportdesk e-mail adress or form. May be it has to do with the fact that I have a free account? But this is not shown in pricingplan. Do you know the supportdesk general emailadress?
May be I have to wait until I buy the Pro-version?

Cheers: Pum van der Lit

I believe the direct email address is support@airtable.com. During business hours the in-app option will initiate a chat with a live support person and not a bot, but this is the weekend (and a holiday weekend at that), so the bot that you got isn’t surprising.

Thanks Justin, it makes sence

This is the enhancement request I want to issue;


Table X which is the target table

Table Y, which is the source table

Created in table X a field of type: Link to other records. The table to link records from is: Y

The additional options are:

  • Allow linking to multiple records
  • Limit record selection to a view

So when I am in Table X and I click in the field: Link to table: Y, I get:

  • All the records which are present (according the view) in table Y
  • Or I am able to create a new record in table Y and link that record directly to table X after creation

I cannot prevent the user to force him/ her to pick only already created records or force him/ her to create only new records. So I propose an additional selection in the Link to other records function.

Use Case:

  • Create only new records
  • Select only exciting records
  • Both options

This will prevent the creation of inconsistent data structure between linked tables due to user dataentry error.

For situation A I have found the following work-around

  • Create in table Y a field of type: Created time
  • Create for table a new view with the filter: Where Created time is empty (this view will then never returns any results)
  • In table X I created a field op type: Link to other record (Y) with additional selection: Limit record selection to a view: Where Created time is empty

So when a user uses the field Link to other records (Y) there will be no results available and so the only option for the user has is to create a new record. This is the User Case I exactly wants.

I have no workaround for the Use Case: B and C. And for Use Case: A I have to create a non-meaningful view, thus the enhancement request which cannot be to difficult.

I will try support on Monday 27-12-2021

Cheers: Pum van der Lit

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An enhancement request is logged at Development

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