Logging days worked & creating invoices


Hi there!

I am new to Airtable but very much liking it so far. I’ve been able to hack my way through most things I need through trial and error, but I’ve got one thing I’d like to make happen and I’m not sure how to approach.

I work a freelance job that pays monthly based on days worked (usually two per week). No hourly time tracking needed—a day worked is a day worked for a flat rate. What I’d like to be able to do is have a calendar where I can tick off all the days I’ve worked, and have that generate an invoice for the month with the daily rate multiplied out x days worked.

Any thoughts on how to make this happen? It seems like it should be simple enough, but I can’t figure out a streamlined solution. Thank you!


An option that comes to my mind is to have your main table contain a record for each day worked. You’d need a date field primarily, and then any other info fields you need. You could create a calendar view based on that single date field, and then create new records from the calendar view by simply clicking the + button on the day you worked on the calendar.

Depending on how much detail you need in your invoices, a good option for those might be to create another table called “Invoices”, and create a new record there for each invoice you need to send out. You’d use a Linked Record field to link each day you worked from your main table to the invoice.

In your “Invoices” table, you’ll want to create a currency field called “Daily Rate” or some-such, and set the default value to your current daily rate. This can be changed manually on a per-record basis, if needed (special cases), and the default value can be changed if your rates change later on.

Next, you’ll need a count field that counts how many “Days Worked” you linked to the invoice.

Then you’d create a formula field in the “Invoices” table that takes the “Days Worked” count value and multiplies it by your daily rate:

   {Days Worked} > 0,
   {Days Worked} * {Daily Rate}

Lastly, if you are using the “Pro” plan (which I do recommend as a personal user myself), you can use the “Page Designer” block to fashion your invoices from the “Invoices” table. Another option, if you aren’t paying for the “Pro” plan, is to simply email the record with all the data you want your client to see, which can be accessed from the menu of an expanded record:

Post back if you need more help! There are other ways to do this too, this is just what came to my mind, and probably how I would set it up if doing it myself :smile:


Thank you for the detailed answer! I’m going to give it a shot now. Very much appreciated!