Logging the "history" of a checkbox field with a formula

Hi all
I’m trying to find a way to record, within a table, an ongoing “history” of when a checkbox has been checked/unchecked. The first stage is simple enough, e.g. a formula field that outputs today’s date when the box is initially selected - IF({Yes/No}=“1”, DATETIME_FORMAT(TODAY(), “DD/MM/YYYY”), “”) but what I then want is an additional field that keeps a kind of tally of when the box has been checked/unchecked, i.e. “Approved 03/07/2020; removed 10/07/2020; approved 13/07/2020…” etc. I think it will probably involve using a “last modified” field but I can’t work out how to make the “tallying” part of the formula, rather than just updating each time there is a change. Can anyone advise if this is possible to do? Thank you!

I don’t know JavaScript yet, so personally, I would automate this via Integromat. Every time the checkbox gets checked or unchecked, a new record would be added to a linked table that has fields for keeping track of the date/time that the checkbox was changed, along with the action that was taken.

You could also automate this with a JavaScript in the scripting block, and use a button field to run the JavaScript. The script would (a) check/uncheck the checkbox and (b) log the action.

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Thanks Scott - I’m new to javascript too but from what I understand that makes sense. I’d like a solution that just involves formula fields though if possible, without creating any new records in other tables. If that can’t be done though, will just have to get my head down and learn some more javascript :slight_smile:

Not possible with formulas, which is why I gave you the 2 solutions above.

I would go the Integromat route — it’s the best automation platform for Airtable.