Long Text Fields, Future Exporting If Needed

Quick question, I use an “interactions” table to record every interaction I have with my clients and enter notes into a long text field where it may look something like this:

  • spoke with Mr. Smith, reviewed accounts in full
  • client happy with progress of accounts
  • agreed to meet again in 6 months

So the above is stored in the Long Text field. Should for whatever reason I have to leave Airtable or it shuts down and I export this data, will other CRM software import the long text field with the same formatting/text if I export to a CSV?

I just want to ensure I future proof this, especially since I’m now going through the painstaking task of having to re-enter all my notes from another program I had been using up until now.


Because Airtable doesn’t allow text styling (yet) in both long and short text fields, my gut says that a CSV export will be pretty clean, and should be fairly easy to migrate to any other application.

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