Look/roll-up data from records who share a common relation and date

In a table of orders, each order is related to a client.

Is there a way to look/roll-up data from other orders of the same client on the same date?

Hi Ricardo, if it’s a one off, a filter would work fine, right? And we could just copy the data out of the view

If it’s a one off and you want it inside a rollup field, we could use a conditional rollup in that field

If you could provide more details or an example of what we’re trying to achieve here that’d be great. Would love to help but don’t really understand what we’re trying to do

Thanks Adam, it’s a permanent, ongoing process that feeds an app and automation with other integrations. I tried to simplify in my example to explore technical options.

  • The actual dataset are reservations for services rendered by a supplier network.
  • The goal is to enrich overlapping reservations (same date and supplier, different tour) with information of the other bookings.

Here’s an actual example, where both the date and supplier are the same, but the tour is different.

In our previous database, I would use dynamic look/roll-ups, but Airtable doesn’t support dynamic values. Is there an option to get data from record 2 looked/rolled-up on record 1 and vice versa? (in practice it’s not limited to two but may include more records).

Roger that, thanks for the info!

…sorta? I got something working for you here which I think might do what you’re looking for

Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 9.41.57 PM

It’s able to identify tours that share the same date and are by the same company

We accomplish this by first rolling up all of the dates linked to the company, and then counting the number of times a Tour record’s date appears in the rollup

The same principle should be applicable for any other conditions I think!

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Thanks, that’s a great way of identifying overlaps, but i’s not obvious to me how it can be used to show information from one record on the overlapping other ones?

More specifically, let’s assume there’s field for quantity or name of the client, how can I display this on the overlapping records? Maybe I’m not thinking far enough?

Hi Ricardo, hmm, with reference to the shared table above, could I have an example of a scenario so that I could try to brainstorm this?

Let’s go with the field for quantity for example, I assume this will be in the Tours table? What would you like to happen then?

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Thanks for your help! Following your example, I added a roll-up on the related record, have the original records perform a look-up of that rollup and am (attempting) to extract the desired string via a formula.