Look Up - Pushes To, but how to get Pulls From column polulated?


Been very busy and I suspect I’m going blind with what’s probably (hopefully) a simple data flow. As a picture says a thousand words, my problem is as per below;

I can self link a record to its own table with a lookup field, which in this example I consider that as “Pushes to” - So A pushes to B. But what I’m needing, is another column that tells me the reverse of that relationship, so I can see that “B” is pulling from A - and then even create a filtered view around that very “Pulls From” data.

I’m keen for your thoughts on this, hoping there’s something simple that I’ve missed that will allow this workflow. But I also have access to scripts/automations too if they’re the only way out of this.

See this thread… and be sure to email support@airtable.com about this as well:

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Yup, will do, legend!!!

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