Looking for a Developer for Airtable & Shopify Integration


I’m looking to build out an inventory management solution within Airtable and Shopify Plus.

Currently, Shopify’s inventory management lacks a few solutions that we really need solved.

Problem - We have multiple product listings in Shopify that sell the same product with the same SKU. Shopify makes us split our inventory into separate piles.

Solution - I want to have one master SKU for one product, that we can add and subtract to. Irregardless of the multiple pages we may have built on Shopify.

Problem - Somewhat similar to the problem above, we sell multiples of the same product as variants (i.e. buy two get one free) with a different SKU (i.e PRODUCT_3). Again, Shopify has us split up our inventory per variant.

Solutions. - I would like the master SKU stockpile to be subtracted by the amount that packaged variant has.

Problem - Shopify does not really offer any performance based estimations of when inventory stock levels are out.

Solution - I would like to see updated times of when inventory will run out based on sales.

The above 3 are the most important solutions for us right now, and if you have superior knowledge in developing said solutions, then I want to talk with you to make it happen.

Additionally, if you’re the right person for the job, and this project turns out well, we wouldn’t mind adding on more features between the two for a more robust solution, meaning more work available.

Looking forward to talking! Thanks for reading.


Ever get this off the ground?


Any progress on this? Looking to do the same.