Looking for a way to compare the same data in two bases and rank them based on most-least overlap

I have a unique need and I’m hoping you all have some ideas because I haven’t figured out a solution. I work for an organization who is recording symptoms for a group of people (clients). We also want to record symptoms that volunteers have experience with. Then, the question: How can I compare these two sets of data and find volunteers that have similar symptoms of the clients in order to best matcha volunteer to a client. Not sure if this could be done with an app, a script, junction table, some sort of data export… any thoughts? By the way, I have a whole base for volunteers and a whole base for clients.
Thank you so much from me and this non-profit!

Any ideas? Other ways to do this? Thanks!

Hi @Ethan_Parker and welcome to the community!

Since no one else is answering, I’m gonna take a shot. It seems to me, one solution could be to have 3 tables:

  1. clients (linked to 2.)
  2. symptoms
  3. volunteers (linked to 2.)

In that way, you could see in table 2 which clients and volunteers are linked to the symptoms. In a paid version, you could then, for example, install the matrix app to visualize things.

Just my very simple first thought.

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