Looking for Airtable WebHook POST API to other API Integration

I like to integrate the airtable to my website and show it as announcement.
I created api with POST. example https://sample.com/api/announcement
I tried with zapier but i like to integrate within Airtable.

please help me, Thanks in advance for your response.

Hey! How was your success with Zapier? Because it’s definitely possible using Zapier. Can you let me know what you’d like to do that you can’t with Zapier & Airtable?

Yes with zapier, just within in minute i make it done.
But my concern is to
make from AIRTABLE to POST api, if new/update of record happens.

Right now Airtable doesn’t support webhooks. What I guess I’m asking is what is limiting you when you try to use Zapier? What is the specific use case?

I am currently exploring airtable. In Zapier webhook is in premium version, so i am trying to find some alternative.

Ah ok! Makes sense. For what it’s worth - I find Zapier and Airtable to work exceptionally well together, so it’s definitely worth exploring the Zapier webhooks.

For a cheaper alternative - I would also recommend Integromat, which has the same functionality (In fact - It actually has a few additional features like the ability to delete records)

Thanks for you suggestion.
Sure i will make a try on it.

@suresh_subramanian, Welcome to the cimmunity!

If you want the cheapest route to handling change processing in Airtable and you have the skill to use the API, the completely free route can be found in a free Gmail account using Google Apps Script. It includes a free chron process manager and most tasks will run in Google Apps Script using a basic Gmail account.


@suresh_subramanian On the Pro plan of Airtable, you can set a URL which acts as a webhook upon submitting an Airtable form. That’s how many of the extensions from MiniExtensions.com works.

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