Looking for an Airtable consultant in Sydney, Australia

Looking for a consultant who specialises in Airtable who can help with building on a current database to make it more efficient for what we need.

Ideally will be based in Sydney, Australia so they can attend meetings to discuss progress and questions.

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Hey Bec,

I just sent you a message regarding your request for Airtable help.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I’d be more than happy to help.


Hi @Bec_Nielsen,

While I’m not in Australia, I do work overlapping hours. I can easily help with this. I have enough free time to work on this right away and to continue doing so on a regular basis. What exactly do you want to have completed? Let’s schedule a consultation to better review your requirements. https://calendly.com/vacepro/30min

Looking forward to speaking.

Nathalie Collins

Hi ,
I am available to assist on building Airtable base.
Please contact further at - deepvyas71@gmail.com


Hi @Bec_Nielsen - I work and live in Sydney and am happy to help you out here; I have extensive knowledge of Airtable and have created many bases and workflows based on different business cases.

Let me know if you’re still requiring this consultancy, and I’d be happy to reach out to you.


**** Also Looking For Consultant For Sydney, Australia **
If anyone is interested/available - please hit me up :slight_smile:

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Hi @Taylor_Best and @Bec_Nielsen,

I have availability just now and based in Sydney CBD. Please send me your requirements for your Airtable project. My credentials are available on Linkedin. :slight_smile:


Hey Tom
What is the best email to get in touch with you with?



Hey Neil,

What is the best email to get in touch with you ?



HI @Taylor_Best, I sent you a private message.