Looking for any service to automatically push changing Airtable Web Form URL

Not related to Airtable, but I wonder if anybody came across a service where I can push clickable URL address to. I created a dynamic URL formula to Airtable form with help of kuovonne’s Prefilled Forms. That URL changes and new URL is generated after the previous form was submitted.

So now I am looking to upload upload that URL somewhere online where I can click it in a web browser. I am thinking Zapier or Integromat would watch changes in the field containing kuovonne’s changing URL and it would pick up the new URL and push it somewhere.

Where … that I don’t know.
I could setup twitter account for example and click the URL in the twitter feed. RSS could also work but I don’t want to display old URLs in the feed. I just want to show the latest version of the URL.

However, I am looking for something simple, without need to open an app, something that would work without login, for example web-page and Zapier / Integromat would update that link there.

Anybody knows anything like that?

My form uses kuovonne’s app so the URL changes. I want to be able to have the updated version online where I can go and click:

OK, forget that. I figured it out. Pretty simple.
Created new Gallery view and the view shows only the Open URL button (as per kuovonne’s instructions). Then I create share link to this gallery view and clicking on the link takes me to gallery view with the only thing visible is the Open URL button. Clicking on this will take me to the prefilled form.

Problem solved, without Zapier or Integromat.

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