Looking for Developer to map Google and Airtable API for Airmaps


We are trying to map our building addresses via google maps, I am not a developer and have no idea how to program API’s/ make them talk to each other. Would greatly appreciate any help!!


Sorry I can’t offer help, but I am too looking for similar functionality. Trying to automatically map a table of locations.


It’s probably of little use but I have used Zapier to generate geo-coordinates from an address in Airtable and then populate this value into a URL field in the same record so that you get a clickable link to the location. I haven’t worked out how to extend this to show more than one location though.

If this would help let me know - or if you have solved it I would be interested to know how.


Would you mind sharing your Zapier workflow for creation of Long/Lat? Thanx!



Here it is - quite simple:



First trigger the zap and then use the Google Maps zap step to convert Address and Post Code:

Then update the record

Note that I have it creating a map url as well - although you can probably use the address alone for this.


Thank you! I implemented my own version of this without issue. Though it did have a hard time parsing my Canadian addresses…

Also, I had to add a search action so that it would find and update the same record being ingested.


Any luck? I’m looking to hire for a similar job.



I’d look at Airtable’s locks feature. It includes mapping.