Looking for feedback on base setup

I’m working on a new project that has a reasonably simple structure:

  • Organizations table

  • People table where employees and clients are tagged as such

  • Employees: can belong to one organization, can see all of their client records, but not all org level clients

  • Clients: have a one-to-one relationship with an employee and organization

  • Meta Data: 5 or 6 other tables with various data like courses, assessments, task list etc

  • an org admin can see everything about all of their clients

  • an employee can see everything about the clients they’ve been assigned to (and they can add courses, - assessments, tasks etc, to a client profile)

  • a client can see their own stuff only

Basically the approach I was thinking of was to create join tables for all of the meta data tables like this:


  • PersonID (links to people table)
  • Course ID ( links to courses table)
  • ShowToEmployee (links to people table)
  • ShowInOrganizationDashboard (links to Org table)

I’ll be using Stacker for the front end so I’m a bit limited with using views and filtering with dynamic variables.

Great platform. I would make sure the folks at Stacker advise you because they deeply understand how to configure bases to deliver the best possible UX given your base design choices.

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