Looking for someone create a random 4 numeric digits


No problem:

What we are doing is updating the record that was just created. So we need to give it the ‘Record ID’ from ‘Step 1’. (This is the row ID from the new book that was created).

Zapier calls this a ‘custom value’ because you are passing in a value from another step. I suggest reading the help doc to get a better understanding.


HI @bdelanghe , thanks for your patient, you can imagine that I’m not as PRO as you, I think i’m in the last step of the victory. This “customer value” is really hard to understand.
There are many fields that when I click the dropdown menu are a long mix numeric and digits…do I just need to choose anyone of them? Could you please tell me more about this concept? or if you don’t mind could you please screen shot some images that this is so hard to understand for ppl like me who doens’t understahnd the coding.


@Xing Sent you a message.