Looking for someone to help me custom design my airtable


I’ve built my entire database for my company through Fieldbook, which is now going out of business, so I have to convert everything I’ve done into airtable. I’m looking for someone who can help transfer everything as well as build upon it to make it better and more streamlined.

My company is a creative agency that manages multiple services (each with it’s own unique pricing) and has different freelancers that need to be managed and scheduled. I also need to be able to extrapolate lots of data points.

I’d like to be able to:
Project Manage every job
Keep a database of everything from inquiry to completion
Schedule free lancers
Create various triggers at different phases of each job
Create forms to be filled out by clients and employees
Create block experiences
I’d like someone to be able to introduce new ideas for ways to improve system

I’m looking for an ongoing relationship to help hone this database and tinker and make this system as efficient and streamlined as possible.

Thank you!



Hi Brian-
We are a consulting firm based on Washington DC and specializing in custom application development and verification for federal agencies. We have a couple developers very familiar with Airtable. Feel free to contact me at David.Isaac (at) BPSconsuting.com.



If you are still looking for support feel free to reach out. airtable@creosphere.net

Best - James