Looking for someone to write javascript to export data from Storyline to Airtable

we build a lot of online activities/courses using storyline (which is basically a souped up powerpoint for online course design). within storyline, you can define variables and run javascript to export data from courses.

currently, i have a script that exports from from storyline into google sheets, but i’d prefer to have everything in Airtable. can someone help me do this?

in case it’s helpful, the tutorial for the storyline to google sheets connection is here: Export

thank you very much.

Hi Minji,
Hope you are doing well,

I can help.
Kindly reach me over Email: maria@cisinlabs.com to discuss further.

Stay well!
Maria J


Yep, this is a good start. Ya’ know, you can transport the Google data into Airtable using Zapier or Integromat and do it all without complex code.

It is possible to use the Articluate API to move the data directly from Storyline into Airtable, but this would require a complex script with security and probably a little costly.

Hi @Minji_Ro

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I would be glad to talk about your project.


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