Lookup field does not sync values

Hi fellow community members,
In the Tool I am building to follow-up auctions, i created 2 tables:
Table 1: “list of lots in auction”

Table 2: “Price obs table” in which i made a link with Table 1

My target is, in table 1, to retrieve info from fields “Max Bid Price”, “Max Bid Calculation” and “No bid” fields from table 2 linked with the concerned record.

Lookup field trial has failed.

Any suggestions guys?

Thanks for your help :wink:

As additional info, I created in table 1 a linkfield to table 2 “Price obs” and created a lookup field with max bid price field link with no result. (see pics)
I thought the reason was the empty name of the record but even with info in name field, no result

Hm, in your screenshot, the field price obs table in the table List of lots in auction is empty. In order for the lookup field to display anything, it needs to have a linked field to pull data from.

Could you try adding links in the field price obs table and seeing whether the lookup field updates?

Hi Adam_C, thanks for your input, meanwhile, I found the reason of my issue: i linked in a former field Table 2 to Table 1 but I renamed it, so that by creating a second link field, data was not pulled. In other words: do not create 2 linkfields to the same table! Thanks anyway to have spent time analyzing my problem which is now solved! :ok_hand: :clap:

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