Lookup field not updating

I am using Airtable to track attendance, billing, and boat usage for a rowing club. I have an attendance column with a simple look-up field that connects to the billing table and shows if I have checked “Current Dues Paid” so I know that people attending practice have actually paid to attend practice. We recently invoiced for a new quarter, and I’ve been updating as people have paid their dues. However, the lookup field in the attendance table does not update. I have even unlinked it and set the link back up again, and it is refusing to show the last few I marked as paid in the attendance table. Is there something I am missing? I assumed these links would update as I updated information, but that is not happening in this case.

Welcome to the community, @Kelly_Sheppard! :smiley: Sorry that your question has gone unanswered for so long. :frowning: Is this still an issue? I haven’t encountered this behavior before.

I didn’t find a fix so I just redid the table, and the new table works.

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@Justin_Barrett Just wanted to say that I’ve also encountered this behavior a few times before and have also fixed it by just redoing the table. However, I’m encountering it right now and redoing the table would be a really big pain because it’s linked to another table.

If this is a repeating problem, I strongly suggest contacting Airtable support directly. They need to know about repeatable bugs.