Lookup Field on Form View

We use Airtable as a CRM and event management. These uses have been accomplished using separate bases but there’s been a growing desire for this process to be streamlined with an emphasis on leveraging the data already in the CRM. Ultimately, what I’m suggesting is Lookup Fields displayed on a Form View once a Link to Another Record Field is populated.

Here’s a use case:
CRM has a Table containing contacts with contact information (phone number, email address, etc.) and a Table for an event’s participants. The participant table has a Form View. The first field/question on the form is a Link to Another Record Field where the registrant selects their name. The next field/question would be a Lookup field displaying the phone number found on the linked record. The next field/question would ask if the phone number was still correct. The next field/question could be a question conditionally visible if the phone number was incorrect. We’d then repeat the process for the other data displayed by the Lookup fields.