Lookup field to use Primary field as a link to other table (Excel lookup formula)

So the issue I’m having involves 2 separate tables: 1) Master table and 2) Holdings table.
The Holdings table contains a list of stocks my company currently owns, with different characteristics like Industry and Sector each stock represents.
I would like to be able to add a new record in the Master table, inputting the Symbol manually (primary field) and the Lookup field to fetch the Sector field value from the Holdings table automatically, if there’s a match.
Basically this means recreating a simple Excel VLOOKUP formula.

Currently I would have to enter the Symbol field value (Primary field) and then repeat the same value (copy-paste) to the Link To Another Table field for the Lookup to actually work, which is time consuming, inefficient (having 2 fields with same information) and leaves room for error.

Is there a way to simulate such functionality in AirTable?


Because a table’s primary field is designed to contain unique data, doing the initial entry in that field won’t work. However, setting any other field as a link field pointing to your [Holdings] table would do the trick. Begin typing the symbol name into that field, and it will pull up options from the [Holdings] table. Once the desired symbol is chosen, another field can look up any other info about that stock.