LookUp Help - not showing for all records

I am new to Airtable and trying to use lookup to pull first and last names based on an ID number in a table (called log) that will be constantly receiving new records.

I have a second table set up with all of the ID numbers, first names, and last names that is linked, and the lookup set for the first and last name fields. However, with the lookup I am only getting the names for the first occurrence of an ID and they are not loading for any new records that are created. I have the settings enabled to allow linking to multiple records. How can I get it so that the first and last name automatically load for all records.

Hi @Christy_Tenney - can you share a screenshot of the Active Students table and how you are linking the two tables (i.e. what is the link field)? AT won’t do a lookup like Excel (e.g. VLOOKUP) - you need to explicitly connect records in two tables to make the link and I can’t figure out from the screenshot above how you have done this.

I did a simplified mock-up of your base and it works for me:



But this is based on making an explicit link between records and tables.

If you can share a bit more detail I’m sure we can recommend an approach.


Thank you, you pictures helped me figure it out. I had the link set up from the active students, and once I set it from the the log I was able to get everything to work.

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