Lookup id pulling multiple records into unique fields

I have data in a pipeline and I am using lookup to pull it into my base. They are connected by the Company name field which is linked. The problem is that we have multiple customers with the same name. (They are churches). Each record is unique but when the lookup runs it pulls in multiples. The example below shows Trinity UMC. This is one specific record but the lookup pulled data from every Trinity UMC we have. How can I get it to look at each instance of Trinity UMC as a unique record? Do I need to connect the two with a different field such as ID#? That would be unique on all 22000 records.

Yes, you’ll need to give each unique Trinity UMC a unique name (e.g. add the city or street) - or, alternatively, link to a Reference # and use that as your primary field and then keep church name up front next to it.

But I’d think you’ll still want a way to distinguish the various Trinity UMC’s.

That’s what I was afraid of! Thanks.

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