Lookup on a checkbox value is showing checked when not


I’m using in one of my table a lookup from a checkbox value.
For some reason that lookup visually displays as checked for all rows in my table but if you set focus on a row that you know shouldn’t be checked if shows a proper unchecked.
If you expand the row, it also shows as unchecked.

This is really strange.


@Alexandre_Geallad I’m trying to picture how your database is set-up. I created something like this:

This table is a destination table. I pick the type of visit (business or holiday). I check if I visited the place.
Destinations visited

This is the table where the type of visit is related to (business or holiday). When I lookup the visits, it won’t show the amount of ticks in the lookup field, but the amount of records that are related to the first table:
Visited Check Lookup

Is that something alike?


Hi @Andre_Zijlstra,
It’s actually simpler than that.
I have a table with clients having a subscribed checkbox field and a table orders in which i do link to the client record and a lookup on that client link for the subscribed field


The lookup checks if a client is related to an order. So that will not work. You can use the Rollup feature.
Make sure that you use COUNTA(values) in the last section. Every order without a subscribtion will show a “0”. With a subscription it shows a “1”.


I’m having the same issue and have reported it to Airtable support - hopefully they can get to the bottom of it.


Thanks for reporting this issue. We’ve confirmed that in some cases we incorrectly display the values for lookups of checkboxes. We will fix this back to the correct behavior later today, and will work to prevent further inconsistencies like this in the future. Apologies for the inconvenience.

As a workaround before the fix is available, you can select a cell or expand a record to show the actual value of the lookup field.


I am also having an issue where Chechboxes being exported to .csv are being exported as “1 checked out of 1” even if the box isn’t being checked.