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I tried to make a invoice solution. When you create the invoice-line items they should fill out the “price” field with the Price of the Products table.
As i see it… this field is NOT changeable and will change when the parent table changes.
How can I fill in values in the price field of the Line-items that will NOT change when the parent Table “Products” changes.
Thanks for your help.


Unless you’re tracking historical prices, the lookup will reflect the current price.

You can have the lookup for reference and add another field for price in this sale/order record which stores that value regardless of changes to current price in Products table.


Yup. And automate it with Zapier.


Vernon, thanks for your reply.
How do I automate this. I mean… when I create an invoice I would NOT like to change its value when a Product has its price changed…
It would really help if AT would make the DEFAULT values in a field programmable…
I see TUUR, (thank you) suggesting that we automate with Zapier… but then I have to set up an invoice system in Zapier?
Is this cost effective for a small farm, which has a software in Airtable to administer Horses and a Strable in Switzerland?
I always thought Zapier very US centric.


[quote=“pcf_fro, post:4, topic:5139”]
when I create an invoice I would NOT like to change its value when a Product has its price changed…
[/quote]An invoice is at a particular moment in time. After an invoice is created, many pieces of info can change besides the price. I suggest you save the invoice as a pdf file and attach it to the relevant record in Airtable.


@Christoff’s PDF suggestion sounds sensible for invoicing.

Programmable default values would make an awesome feature request - is there an existing thread for this feature request?

Without formulas for programming the defaults for invoiced amounts, @Tuur might help with automating copying current price from Products into your invoice/sales record.

Zapier is another automation alternative here. It’s probably a US based company behind it but that doesn’t stop us using it here in Australia. Does this pose problems for your situation? Zapier works well for time zone adjustments and can possibly do currency conversions too.




You’d only use Zapier to copy 1 field to another. On the other hand, simply using the current field as lookup and using copy & paste to get it in your ‘static’ field isn’t that bad either in this case. With Zapier you’d have to wait for the trigger which would take way longer in this scenario.

Remember you can also copy & paste multiple price values at the same time (from one column to the other).