Lookups / Rollups on Long Text no longer showing full contents


Help! We used to have a lookup field that was extremely useful that allowed a user to view the full text of all the Note Entries (a long text field in our Notes table) that were linked with a Book (in our Titles table).

Now the lookup cell no longer expands, and only shows the first 2 lines worth of notes, which isn’t useful at all.
I tried changing the filed to a rollup, but the behavior is the same.

Is there any way to restore the original behavior? This is very frustrating for our key users, who now must switch back & forth between different tables and views to get the info that was previously nicely packaged in one view.


While making some under-the-hood changes to Long Text fields last week, we unintentionally removed the “Expand Cell” button from Lookups and Rollups of Long Text fields. We’re working on a fix, and later this week the button should start appearing correctly again.

Note that it is still possible to expand the cell using the keyboard shortcut Shift-Space when the cell is selected; we suggest using that as a workaround.

Thanks for reporting this issue, and apologies for the inconvenience!


Great! Good to know about the Shift-Space! That do the trick in the meantime!