Loop through all records and perform


Is it possible to basically run a For loop through all records?

Say I have two tables:

One that will be populated from a form, and one that will hold some data.

For simplicity:
Let’s say Table 1 (T1) is Things
Let’s say Table 2 (T2) is Colors

For all colors in Table 1, submit X for Table 1. For instance:

For Red from T2, describe a Red Thing in T1.
For Orange from T2, describe an Orange Thing in T1.

If there exists an item in T2 that hasn’t been described in T1, make a cell in T1 show incomplete.


Hi Dan

Airtable doesn’t have any built in features for looping through records - you may want to check out Integromat for doing this. This is a very visual tool for automating and integrating web applications and can access multiple database records using criteria to select the ones you want.

Having said that, I am not quite sure what you mean with your description of your requirement - can you elaborate or show some screen shots?