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We have a farm and grain processing facility. We installed an on farm truck scale a year ago and have been manually filling out scale tickets, bills of lading, and a scale log. I want to set up a system in airtable as a scale log with the following data:

Unique ID
Origin (Name, Address, City/State/Zip, Phone, Email)
Destination (Name, Address, City/State/Zip, Phone, Email)
Status (Organic/Transitional/Conventional)
Lot Number ******* (more later)
Gross Weight
Tare Weight
Net Weight
Incoming Moisture
Product Target Moisture
Moisture adjusted weight (this is a formula we are already using)
Scale Operator

From that I would need to be able to generate:

Scale Ticket
Bill of Lading

these 2 items I’m guessing will something like “Page Designer”

Most of this is straightforward, what I’m having trouble with is trying to set up a formula to automatically generate a lot code based on other data already in an entry.

Our current lot code format is: Origin Initials-Status,Product-Crop Year-Load#

PHM-COLRK-21-1 would be Load 1 of 2021 crop year Certified Organic Light Red Kidney Beans from P&H Martens

Is something like this possible?


If you have all of the info in individual fields, you can concatenate them together.

{Origin Initials} & "-" & {Status} & "-" & {Product} & "-" & {Crop Year} & "-" & {Load#}

However, you do not have individual fields for everything.

  • {Origin Initials} is probably a lookup or rollup from a linked origin.
  • If {Crop Year} is the year of the {Date}, you can get the year using YEAR((Date}) , but if it is a different year, you will need a field for it.
  • {Product} is probably actually {Product Code}, which probably needs to be a lookup/rollup from a linked record.
  • {Load#} doesn’t seem to appear in your list of fields at all

So, yes, it is possible, but it might take some fiddling to get it to all work out.

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