Lots of product updates


If you haven’t checked out the ‘What’s New’ page recently, you definitely should. Airtable just rolled out a bunch of enhancements. Here are the five for January 2019; with the exception of the last one, Embed Block, all appeared in the last day or so:

  • Automatic view sorting
  • Display select and collaborator field form options as a list
  • Limit linked record, select, and collaborator field options in forms
  • Limit linked record selection to a view in grid view/expanded records
  • Embed block

Thanks, Airtablers! (Airtableteers?)



I just cant get Limit record selection to a view to work. When i change the view or filter the view the liked record stays exactly as before. Do you know if there is a bug at the moment?


Link to another record : restrict by already use

My gut says (and a quick test proves) that, as indicated by the name of that option, Airtable only uses the specified view to limit record selection; i.e. you will only see the limit imposed by the specified view when selecting new records to add as links in that field. Records already linked won’t be modified. I believe that’s how it’s intended to operate, so it isn’t a bug.

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