Love Airtable, but it was hard to find!


I am new to Airtable, and I love it! It is basically what I have been searching for, for the last couple of months. I needed a simple database for church membership management and this fits the job exactly. There are even features that I did not think of, that Airtable has that will allow me to do what I need to do even better than I imagined! I’m just so excited! haha.

My main concern though, is that I was searching for “online database” and never came across Airtable, it was only some obscure comment I found that brought me here. I hope that is not an indicator of anything.

Also, there are 2 specific features that I feel would be easy to implement and help out a lot.

  • First, there needs to be the ability to set permission level to certain views only. It seems that you can set team members, and base members, but on one of my tables there is sensitive information that I can hide through a view, which can then be made available through a link. However, it would be really great to give a user permission to update the table, but not see certain fields. Hence, restricted to a certain view.

  • Second, someone mentioned having a concatenate function that still keeps the items separated by a new line. That would be great to see a one-to-many relationship in a field as a list.

Well, that’s it, just wanted to sing my praise for this product and mention these two items (they are both also mentioned in the feature request).

Thanks Airtable!