Mac/ios basic database solution



While thinking about how to move some of my overuse of spreadsheets into the domain of databases I thought I should best consult with Ars members on tips of how best to do it. So the summary is that our establishment keeps a loose set of files (in to calculate our company’s progress, while relating this to the quality of work for each staff member, and then a separate set of spreadsheets to turn the product of that into a bonus + salary calculation. So at this point I’m cringing at the idea of so many multiple monthly spreadsheets of roughly the same data done up for each and every one of our 40 staff members. Most of them only need a small fraction of these details done, but still I’m guessing there is a better platform to work on.All of our staff on MacOS machines and use a mix of Resilio Sync and iCloud for all our data sharing. My dream would be to have a central permission-based access to querying and tabulating details that 3-4 staff managers can access remotely. Any bright ideas?

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