MacOS IU Issue with display sizing


Hi All, I keep seeing this almost every time I go from any window size to full screen and then back to any other size - been ignoring but thought to document it as it needs to be fixed…

You can see the top of the airtable window is cut off. Not sure why but it is clearly a repeatable bug.
I am happy to supply browser and OS details if airtable support deem this something to follow up.


Hi Doug, thanks for reporting this. I haven’t been able to reproduce it yet, can you share:

  • What version of the Airtable app you’re using (Airtable > About Airtable in the menubar)
  • Your monitor setup (# of screens, whether they’re “Retina” or not)
  • Whether you’re using the zoom functionality (i.e. if you click View > Actual Size, does the zoom level change?)
  • Version of macOS you’re using

Feel free to respond here or email


Hi Kasra, sorry to be tardy on this reply!

Airtable is
Monitor is iMac - 27-inch (2560 x 1440)
Re zoom level, yes, i can change the zoom level but it never goes back to the original - I have to close and re-iopen the app.
MacOS - Sierra 10.12.6