Maintaining formula and linking records

I wrote a formula that converts options chosen from a multi-select list into a string and appends the responses when “other” is selected. I want to take the resulting comma separated string and convert them into links to connect to other records. Is there any way to do that without disrupting the formula? Or is there a way to continually copy the contents of column A into column B while being able to link column B to other records?

Formulas can’t be used as links to other tables. Only linked record fields can be used to link to other tables, and those linked record fields must be set manually.

So yes, you’d have to manually copy & paste individual multi-select values into your linked record field to create links.

But your better option might be to turn your multi-select field into a linked record field, so you’re creating the links as you choose the options.

Thank you! I was able to work around it by turning it into a linked field and then using two forms to help bring in new data as advised by this post Add new linked record when entering data in a form

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