Maintenance log - linking to another table for filter part numbers

New user here. Trying to figure out the best way to link a table for the general vehicle information to a more detailed table with all the part numbers for all the different filter used for maintenance. So far I have a base with a vehicle table and a maintenance log table which are linked. What approach do you recommend?

Hi there Chris! Welcome to the community!

If it were me, I would add at least two more tables:

  1. [Part Numbers] - a list of all part numbers

  2. [Vehicles/Parts] - a junction table between [Part Numbers] and [Vehicles]. Here you can add each part for a vehicle. I would make the primary field a formula field, and use something like…

    {Vehicle} & " - " & {Part Number}

See the below example base… With more information I may be able to send you in a better direction. What are you hoping to get out of the database?

Thanks for the example. I’m looking to keep track of all the repairs on all of my vehicles and equipment. I would like to also tie in all the common parts I would need for routine maintenance as well as other vehicle specs such as weight, oil capacities, lug nut torque, etc.

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