Maintenance Schedule for equipment

Hello Everyone, I’m looking to get some fresh thoughts on this project I’m working on. I have a working base, but I feel like it will be too bulking as the tables grow.
The goal is to create a notification message or message string in a record when a piece of equipment reaches a certain mileage or hours. Think of a car manual. In the maintenance section is a schedule of suggested repairs to be made once the car gets to a certain mileage. ie…at 30,000 - replace cabin air filter, replaced engine air filter. at 60,000mi replace the fuel filter, check belts,…

I have a base with 3 tables - Equipment, PM Record, Repair History

I’ve linked all 3 together using Equipment as the main working table. PM Records is used to capture mileage and hours at the time of maintenance. I then use two rollup fields on the Equipment table to display the Max() Miles and Hours record. I also have columns on the Equipment table per repair that display a repair message based on the rollup field.

Then use another column to concatenate the messages together into one string. Finally I use the Repair History table to record the repairs and “turn off” the repair message.

In the specific repair columns I’ve used an IF statement to display or not display the repair message.