Make Android barcode search comparable to iOS search


In the #ios app, the search bar will live-filter records in a table based on the presence of search parameters in any field within the records.

This allows me to use the barcode search feature in #ios to search for a barcode in a field other than the “Name” field - it’s glorious.

It was quite frustrating to realize that my technicians who have #android phones cannot do the same - the search bar does not search across all fields. It only searches the primary field (“Name” in my case). We both scan the same barcode and my iPhone returns a result

#android specific #feature-requests - please add multi-field search comparable to the iOS search feature in the Android app.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Barcode Inventory check in/check out

+1! It would be really great if Android had feature-parity with iOS in regards to barcode compatibility, we are forced to use more expensive iOS devices just because they have better barcode search/lookup features in the app.