Make auto-filled form editable

I’ve read many posts where the issue is making auto-filled forms read-only. I have the opposite need: making then editable - I’m getting a form messages saying forms with private links only are editable when empty. I’m on the pro plan and the form uses a read-only view having a private link with a clickable URL button which opens the auto-filled form in read-only. I’d prefer to do this within AT using no external apps. Can this done, and if so what am I doing incorrectly. Thank you.

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I don’t think you’re using the right terminology in your post above. Forms are only used for creating new records, and nothing else. Can you please explain what you’re trying to do, and please include screenshots or videos to describe your problem in detail.

so youre saying you want the button fields to be functional in view share links? because same.

Thank you both very much for your quick and generous willingness to help. After spending additional subsequent time researching and thinking about my needs, I’ve decided to try to find a different platform more in line with how my brain is wired. I continue to believe that AirTable is an extraordinary platform. Thanks again.

I’m still curious about this question. I have a website and am linking air table to it for people to view recipes. I used a form to allow people to input their own recipes but the form says it cannot be edited in read-only mode. Any suggestions?

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