Make Base "Users" in an automatic table


I’m using Airtable for project management. I wish that I could assign work to someone who is a member of the Base without having to make a new table with everyone’s names


I am helping a client build out a CRM solution and this would be very useful for them also - especially if there were also features which allowed the creation of filters for ‘current user’ against lookups linking to the users table - so for example I could have a view which showed each sales person their own clients / opportunities etc. At the moment, the only way to do this as far as I can see is to link to a Users Table you create - and then there is no way I can see to automatically filter views - you would need a view for each person which is not at all manageable.


That’s exactly, exactly what I’ve done and it’s becoming unwieldy


I signed up to the “collaborator field” beta which looks like it does what I’m hoping for, only better!


@Hashim_Warren - I agree the new Collaborator field is a step in the right direction (and very welcome) - the next step would be to allow user fields to be added to the User’s table. This is a requirement in many apps I find.