Make Blocks visible in Shared View

How do I enable visibility of a particular scripting block when a view is shared i.e. on click of “open form”?

Am I understanding you correctly that you want to use a button field to trigger a script in the Scripting block, with the script opening a form of some kind? What form is being opened? If it’s one of Airtable’s own forms, you wouldn’t need to use the Scripting block for that.

Certain blocks can be shared, but doing so shares the entirety of your base according to the documentation. I haven’t tried to share a scripting block tied to a table in this way, but my impression is that it wouldn’t work.

No. It is a bit simpler than what you described. I have a script block and it can be seen when I open the table views. I created a private share link, but this does NOT contain blocks at all

Are you sharing the entire base, or just a table?

If you are sharing just the table, blocks are outside the scope of the table, so they won’t appear.

If you are sharing the entire base, you can select the “Show blocks added to this base” toggle to show blocks in general.

However, in my experience, not all blocks can be shared this way, and Scripting block in particular does not work in shares. Scripting block runs in the context of the logged in user, with the permissions of the logged in user, and there is no logged in user when a share is viewed.

If this answers your question, please mark this post as the solution. Otherwise, could you please give a bit more details and a screen capture?

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