Make lookup field editable in an interface

I’m using a “record review” layout in interface designer to allow our team to review categories assigned to objects. I can’t seem to make the category field editable in the interface, even though I have no trouble with this for other fields. I’m wondering if you just can’t do that for lookup fields?

We have a table with all the items in our system. We also have a form that allows our wider team (who do not have airtable accounts) to assign categories to those items, then a lookup field in the main table to display those category assignments.
We want the internal team to be able to use an interface to approve and, if needed, revise the category assignments. I am hoping that the interface can display all the items in the main table, whether they’ve been assigned categories or not, so I picked the record review layout and connected it to the main item table. I can display the category field (which is a lookup field connected to the form table), but I can’t make it editable.
Any ideas? Thanks!

Correct. Lookups, Formulas, Rollups, Created Time, Created By, and Autonumber are all calculated fields. That means you can’t edit them anywhere, including Interfaces.

If you want to edit the category, you have to edit the Link Record field, or open the linked record and edit the category there.

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Thanks, that’s what I guessed but I was hoping I was missing something.

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