Make one field react to changes in another?

This seems like something that would be handled with formulas, but not quite.

Edit: More simple example of another similar thing I want/need

I have a single select for the status of an item (Shipping, installed, inventory). This should be 100% automated by other values. For instance, if a barcode value is captured for the row, the status should change to “inventory”.

I am attempting to track laptop repairs. I currently have a column (COL-A) with a “Multiple Select” that lists “missing parts”. I have another column (COL-B) that also has “Single Select” that lists for instance, how much RAM a unit is, “0 Gb, 2 Gb, 4 Gb, …”

What I would like to do, let’s say I change the value of (COL-B) to say a laptop has 4 Gb of memory and select that, I want a particular option removed from the multi-select on (COL-A)

Hi @Kyle_Tryon - you can’t have a field that is both a single select and 100% automated (i.e. a formula of some sort). However, if the value of status is fully defined by other fields then a formula would be the way to go. For example on the status field you could use something like:

IF(Barcode, 'Inventory', '**Something Else**')

The other status values need not be based on the same barcode field, as long as there is a clear set of conditions giving rise to each status, e.g.:

IF(Barcode, 'Inventory', IF({Shipped Date}, 'Shipping', '**Something Else**))

Hope this helps


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Hey Jonathan,

It does thank you. Bit of a bummer due to losing the color tags associated with that. But It will work. Thank you.

To your original question, it’s also not possible to modify options in a multi-select based on another field. However, there may be a way to do this using a link to another table instead of a multi-select. @W_Vann_Hall posted something in the Show and Tell category recently about dynamically changing selection options that may be worth investigating. (I am away from home, in the middle of some work, and don’t have the time to pull this up at the moment, or else I’d dig up the link)