Make someone a Collaborator but hold back the invite email

Hello, I am building out a client database and want to have a column that designates which consultant is the lead relationship manager on each client. I want to relationship manager column to be a Collaborator field, but I don’t want those collaborators to receive the invite email yet, this is because I am adding about 40 people, and I want to complete this first iteration of the database before allowing everyone to get into it - I don’t want to cause a bunch of confusion in my organization by inviting those collaborators and having them start looking at and using the data before it is ready.

Is there anyway to add emails as collaborators but just hold the invite back?

What I’d recommend is having a text field instead of the collaborator field for all fields where you will eventually add collaborators. You can add the collaborator’s name in the text field.

Once everyone is invited, you can turn those text fields into collaborator fields and Airtable will turn the text field into matching collaborators.

great, simple solution

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