Making a "two-part" form to fill the same record


Hi everyone, first post here. Big Airtable fan, using it for everything!

I’m trying to design an “incident reporting” system for the organisation I work for. It would need to use forms for collecting the information from services, which then feed into a table. However, there are two different sources for the information for each record in the table: the person making the initial report, and the manager who then follows up on it. What I’d like to be able to do is have the member of staff submit the form, and for this to trigger a notification to the relevant manager (probably email, via IFTTT) which links them to a form that allows them to answer follow up questions from the incident, which would then feed back into the same record in the database.

A large number of people will be using this system, so it’s not feasible to have everyone as a “collaborator” - I want it to be so that anyone can log in to use the form, and for managers only to be able to see the incidents that have been reported, and complete their form to fill in the rest of the record.

I think this may be something that’s possible in the “Pro” version of Airtable - is this correct?