Making Base Public for free upgrade

I swear I read somewhere recently that we could choose to make out account public, I think so other users could look at it for ideas or AirTable could look at it for research or something, and in exchange we’d be able to upgrade for free, but now I can’t find that information anywhere. Does anyone else remember reading something like this?

I haven’t heard anything like this. You may want to contact Airtable support directly about this, as they would have the definitive answer on the subject.

Hi @Megan_Bishop

I am curious about this. Can you let me/us know what Airtable says?

Thank you,

Are you thinking about creating a sharable link for external users to your base?

Shareable links can be viewed by the public, so people can view your data without you having to pay for them as collaborators. However, this feature will not give you access to paid features such as increased record limits or blocks.

No, I swear I read somewhere that you could make your data public for their research purposes, or something like that, and then you would get features for free that you would normally have to pay for.

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