Managing a school pick up line


I’m trying to build an AirTable that allows my child’s school to manage their pick up line. The idea is to have one person standing outside where the cars enter the school. The parents are issued a laminated placard with the child’s name(s). When the car pulls up, the parent shows the placard, and the attendant selects the name(s) in an Air Table. That table is shown on a big screen in the school. It is literally a representation of the line so the kids can get lined up in order and will be ready to go as the next car pulls up.

I have this mostly working, but the one thing they’d like to see is the list of children that the selection field draws from to some how be reduced when you select the child. Or in some way to show a list of children left - not already selected.

Any ideas?


make a field called “picked up” as a date and time stamp, then add grouping to the records, and sort the groups so that the “picked up is not null” group is at the top, but remains sorted by your original sorting criteria. does that make sense?


An alternative option is to have a view where you simply filter out the options once a specific column has a value input. You could use the “Picked Up” date/time column like @Joshua_Soule mentioned, or simplify it further with a checkmark field since the record logging will show when it was checked. If the same table is used long term, I’m not sure if you’d want to go the extra mile and have columns for each day so you can really get granular, but there are many options to track it and I think filtering the view to drop records off once a cell is populated would be the best way to handle it. :slight_smile:


Thanks - the grouping is doing what I need it to, I believe. Appreciate the suggestions!


The managing a school & pick up line we can be use mobile apps.


:slight_smile: Yes - that’s the plan! We have yet to test it, but I’ll let you know how it works.


Hey JP_Maxwell.

I see great minds think alike. I created a pickup management program for my school district using Airtable that got rolled out in October. Worked pretty well and knocked down the average pickup time 5-10 minutes.

How did things go with yours?


Hah! The school is still using bull horns :slight_smile: Got busy and never rolled it out. Glad to hear it worked for you though! maybe this summer I’ll pick it up again