Managing RSVPs: Can I Create a Formula Across Different Rows?


Hi! I would love some help with my quest. Here’s the situation:

I’m hosting an awards event and using an Airtable form to collect RSVPs from both the award winners (e.g., Student A) and the people who nominated the winners (e.g. Professor A). To help me plan for the event, I want to know which attending winners’ nominators will also be present (i.e., are both Student A and Professor A attending?)

I have a separate table with all the nomination information (collected via another Airtable form) as well as separate tables that have records of all the Students and all the Professors.

Is there a way to use a formula such as IF({Winning Student(s)}=Name, “Yes”, “No”) but where the search for “Name” (which is the first input on the RSVP form) searches across all rows? Or is there another path I can take to have Airtable automatically check for matches or match winners and nominators?

Thanks for your collective wisdom!


It is difficult to figure out exactly what you should do here given the information. But I reckon you should be able to achieve what you require by having a separate AWARDS table. You can then link each award in that table to the relevant records in the STUDENTS and PROFESSORS tables. You can then use Lookup fields in the AWARDS table to pull through attendance information from the STUDENTS and PROFESSORS tables.


Thank you! You got me thinking about my challenge from a fresh perspective. Very helpful!