Mandatory fields


I want to set some fields mandatory so our team members do not forget to input.
For example, customer’s name should be mandatory for a project management but some members forget to input it. The image is that if a mandatory field is blank, users are requested to input the field otherwise the new record is not created.


I second this request, as our databases get more complex and widely used, we need to have some data entry validation criteria for certain fields to make sure the records are complete and consistent over time.


Another vote for mandatory field capability. Incomplete data is less than useful…

Has anyone found a workaround for this?


@Stephanie_Perrin - A workaround: perhaps ask for new additions via a web form. This way you can select any item you need as “required”. New items can’t be submitted via the form without those fields being completed.


+1 for this request - it would be great to have this feature.


I was to point that :stuck_out_tongue:


Genius idea. Thank you.


I support the request for having mandatory fields where needed.

While this is not in place, could we have boolean operators in the filters? For example (date field) is “within a month from now OR empty”, so that we can catch cases where the field was not entered.


+1 for this great request


+1 for this also. This would help solve the limited integration between AirTable and Jira. We want to use AirTable exclusively for project management but for individual tasks in AirTable we want to create a Jira ticket and then keep both the Jira Ticket and Task in AirTable in sync. When one is updated, update the other. The integration can handle that except the creation of a Jira ticket based on a certain field. So if we could make a certain field mandatory before the record is created then we can just use the basic “New Record in View” option with Zapier