Mandatory fields

I join the crowd upvoting this feature.

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Upvote! This is a really needed feature for a CMS. Without some fields a site would never be built so I have to indicate which fields are required.


Major upvote - would be extremely helpful for data quality especially for larger bases with many contributors.


+1 having issues without this feature

Yes, mandatory fields and other field validation options would be very welcome in Airtable.

Below is a screenshot from Apple’s FileMaker database program. Each field has all of these validation options to choose from, plus you can custom-create your own field validations as well!

Please be sure to email with your suggestions & feature requests, because they don’t pay much attention to our forum posts here.


Another upvote! This needs to be a feature!


Hi Airtable, this request is out there since Nov 2016, may be even earlier. Absolute minimum requirement to ensure database intigrity. Why does it takes so long to make this happen. :face_with_head_bandage:


AGREE - this is a must

Who makes a database application that you can’t make required fields?

Please count me in for Data Validation, it’s more important than any other feature which was released lately

Why doesn’t Airtable reply? Everyone needs this feature.

@Airtable_Admin1 @Air_Table3 can you provide a response to these requests?

2016-2022 Still not available. :sob: :sob: :sob: