Mandatory fields


I know Airatble isn’t “a project management tool” but it is a big use case, and a fundamental process for our project management is for people to complete request, ie somebody fills a form to request a project, and in oirder for us to start working on the project and move to ‘In process’ I want to make sure someone added a start date ad end date for example.

It could be a specific type of view perhaps that has a pop up asking people to fill out a form?

Or it can be an improvement on the form view: being able to not just ‘create a new field’ but update an existing field


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We need this !!! It is very very very important for us

To check whether I have inputted everything that I should have I have a view for each field where some input is required. Filter to field is empty. I can then check whether it is but shouldn’t be.

Surely the op’s solution is to find a way to ensure the team members do remember. Perhaps have a view with the fields in order of entry, the field names prefix Mandatory: