Manipulate Text


Hi. I have system where the users email address is effectively the unique identifier, as such I take these email address and use excel to manipulate that into a powershell script that i can batch create user accounts.
So I’m provided with email addresses
and the excel sheet give me the following script.

New-PWUser -UserName ivor.bunnion -Password WSP2018!! -Identity -Email -Description ivor.bunnion

The excel formula (my excel skills are basic) is
=$A$3&" “&C19&” -"&$A$4&" “&$B$4&” -Identity “&B19&” “&” -Email “&B19&” -Description “&C19&”"

Is this in principle feasible in Airtable as I’d like to move to as the capturing tool rather than excel.




Yes: You’re mainly parsing out the user id from the email address and using it to fill in the blanks in a canned statement. The only tricky part will be generating the password, for which, AFAIK, there is no canned Airtable functionality. You’ll have to implement the creation of a properly hashed password yourself — unless someone can contribute working code… hint, hint…