Many IFs to change a Single Select column. Can it be done?

I’m trying to determine the Stage (single select) by checking 4 columns to see if they’re empty or not. I want to use single select instead of text because I want to organize a Kanban view by the Stage they’re currently in.

IF First Contact column date is NOT filled > Stage = Needs Contacted
IF First Contact column date is filled > Stage = Second Chance
IF Second Contact column date is filled > Stage = Third Chance
IF Third Contact column date is filled > Stage = Fourth Chance
IF Fourth Contact column date is filled > Stage = Cancellation Alert

If they’re on the Fourth Contact technically the First, Second, and Third are filled. I want AirTable to check these in order.

Any help would be great =) . Thanks in advance!

Each time you If() you return one of two results: the condition if Yes or the condition if No.

If(Cat < Dog, “Normal”, “Abnormally Large”)

Instead of returning one of two text options, you can return a “Normal” for Yes, and then a {Field} for No.

I’ve used this syntax to set up a series of formulas that refer backwards to each other.
Formula 1: If(Condition, “Second Chance”, “Needs Contacted”)
Formula 2: If(Condition, “Third Chance”, {Formula 1})
Formula 3: If(Condition, "Fourth Chance, {Formula 2})
Stage: If(Condition, “Cancellation Alert”, {Formula 3})

The final condition can’t exist until all other conditions have first been filled, so your final field checks a field which checks a field which checks a field. The default for an empty row will always be “Needs contact”. The first three fields will be left “hidden”.

Hope that makes (backwards) sense.

Here’s the rub:
You may need an update script or a manual process to turn these into a single-select field (I haven’t figure this one out yet in terms of automation). I have just copied the field&data into a new single line field. Then, I edit the field to turn it into Single Select, and it automatically generates your single select options from the data already in that column. Then you can switch from your Grid view into your Kanban view and your records will be sorted into their Stage columns.

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